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The setting is historic Walden Pond, where Henry David Squirrel and Ralph Waldo Possum embark on a seemingly impossible rescue with the help of their friends. Addressing modern day problems of animal cruelty and bullying with the backdrop of the Underground Railroad, history lessons are balanced with adventure, teamwork and friendship. The dangerous rescue involves an elaborate plan with characters willing to risk their lives for each other in the name of justice. Using historically based characters that paved the way for women and minorities, themes of empathy, empowerment and unity are woven through the story. Freedom Ride at Walden Pond provides a creative way to inspire today's generations to learn about the heroes of the past. Emphasizing the historical significance of the prominent players that fought for equality, the abolition of slavery and women's oppression, Freedom Ride at Walden Pond articulates these mature, but relevant themes in an age appropriate, nail-biting story of adventure. The story is beautifully illustrated by artist Thomas Hilley.