“Our 2nd grade team decided to have a holiday pet donation drive this year to benefit Palm Beach County Animal Care and Control. I was given Karen's name for a possible visit to our classes. She and her wonderful dogs came to visit last week and what an impact it made on our 2nd graders! They loved hearing her read and learned so much about helping shelter pets! She instilled a love of animals, reading, and writing! It was also huge to have Karen explain to the kiddos about writing her books! This was definitely the highlight of our school year!”

- Lynn Silvers
2nd Grade Teacher, South Olive Elementary

“Karen brought out the best in our eager 4th-grade authors. They could not wait to write about her visit and to read her books! Our morning with Karen (and Tucker, Roxie and Cinnabon) was a highlight of our year.”

- Karyn Aurilio & Mike Bruscell
4th Grade Teachers,
Panther Run Elementary School

“The presentation sparked great conversations among the students about taking care of animals and the importance of rescue. Karen’s books made a big impact on how they feel about helping animals.”

- Vicki Spitalnick
3rd Grade Teacher, Poinciana STEM Elementary School

“Author Karen Roberts understands the connection between humane education and the emotional, ethical growth and wellness of young people. Her children's books are a testament to both her passion and creativity, enticing young and adult readers alike.”

- Mrs. Kenski
SAI Reading Teacher, Grassy Waters Elementary School

Kid's Art“I really enjoyed your elephant talk. You remind us of helping others. Because I'm not the only person on this planet. You really helped me understand that elephants are in danger. I didn't really know much about elephants. They are endangered species we should help. When they vanish all that elephants give or help us with will be gone. Thank you for the things you taught me and my classmates.”

- Allysia
2nd Grade Student, Grassy Waters Elementary School

“Our kindergarten students absolutely LOVED Karen and Roxie's visit!! The Little Blue Dog stories are so engaging and Karen did a wonderful job sharing them with our class and teaching the students the importance of choosing to adopt. The students were thrilled to be able to meet and actually hold a real live dog from one of the books! Thank you, Karen and Roxie!!”

- Ms. Nicole Rickard
Kindergarten Teacher, The Conservatory School

“Karen’s visit to my classroom is the highlight of the year! The children love her stories and are extremely adoring of Louie, The Little Blue Dog. My classes relish and anxiously look forward to visits by Karen and one of her beloved rescues.”

- Denise Guervara
1st Grade Teacher, American Heritage School

Karen with a student“Karen's presentation moved our fourth grade students from animal lovers to animal advocates. Now they are teaching both the younger students at our school and their families at home how to see and treat animals with compassion. Their lives have been changed.”

- Janet Diamond
4th Grade Teacher, Hope Centennial Elementary School

“I appreciate you coming to our class and telling us about elephants and the difference between Asian and African elephants. I love the facts you told us and new words you said. And I liked the things that you gave us and told us about The Elephant Sanctuary in Tennessee. Thank you for coming to the classroom. ”

- Jana
2nd Grade Student, Grassy Waters Elementary School

“I have been privileged enough to book several school presentations with Karen Roberts over the past few years. As an elementary school teacher, I know first hand, that kids connect to people, and the world, through a natural love of animals. This is something we expect of young children, but I have also seen Ms. Roberts during middle-school presentations, and when she begins to read, her audience is just as captive and inspired! Character education is something that we sometimes forget in school, during this age of assessments and competition. Although Ms. Roberts teaches compassion and kindness through her books, when she comes in person, the kids really leave empowered to change the world.”

- Deven Soto
4th Grade Teacher, Crystal Lakes Elementary School

“Thank you so very much for coming to my class to share all the information about The Elephant Sanctuary. Please continue to help all those animals. We will continue to spread the word and do our part by supporting the peanut butter drive!”

- Mrs. O'Brien
2nd Grade Teacher, Grassy Waters Elementary School

“I have had the great fortune of Karen coming and presenting at our animal rescue club multiple times. The children are mesmerized by her presentation. No matter what Karen is addressing the students about, they soak up her every word. Karen has a special way of conveying some mature subjects in a way for the children to grasp. Every child who Karen touches is quite lucky. She helps them become better citizens.”

- Shelley Stein
Middle School Teacher / Animal Rescue Club Leader,
Don Estridge High Tech Middle School

“My students were completely engaged in Karen Roberts' presentation on elephants. They were asking great questions and learned so much! They still talk about the elephant posters they received. One is hanging in my classroom and at least once a day, a student recalls a fact they learned. We can't wait to have Karen back in our class!”

- Kristina Duckman
2nd Grade Teacher, Grassy Waters Elementary

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